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When a decedents’ estate becomes contested, tempers can flare and emotions can run high. Despite a family’s best intentions to administer a will, trust or estate without incident, all too often complications arise that require the intervention of an experienced legal team to settle the matter in the most efficient, expeditious manner possible.

The death of a loved one usually requires the executor or trustee to create order out of uncertainty and ambiguity. If a deceased person’s Last Will and Testament is offered for probate, Florida law places many requirements upon the probate process. Not everyone may be pleased with the results when the provisions of the will are announced. Heirs and creditors each have separate rights, all of which must be followed.

The attorneys at Ward Damon strive to ease your burden and make the process bearable. Our probate litigation practitioners work in concert with our Wills, Trust & Estate and Probate Administration Department to provide legal counsel to individuals and families involved in probate disputes.

To discuss your probate litigation matter with one of our legal professionals, please call Ward Damon's Florida Law Offices at 561.842.3000.

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