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The key to every successful business is the ability to plan ahead. One of the toughest things that a business, especially a family business, must face is transitioning to the next generation of leadership. Vision is everything if you want to create a lasting legacy in your business. We can help.

Here at Ward Damon our approach to generational business transition planning is a proactive one. We engage in discussions with clients to consider alternative strategies in order to avoid or manage internal conflicts between key stakeholders involved in the business, whether it’s family members or business partners, and then create, and document, a well-defined plan and processes to avoid these pitfalls, both legal and organizational.

Each business requires its own unique and well-defined succession plan. We invite you to meet with our team of experienced succession planning attorneys to help guide and assist you in the complex process of anticipating and handling internal disputes, preventing legal problems that may arise due to change of ownership/leadership, tax avoidance strategies and much more. Our firm has had great success stories with many multigenerational family business planning clients over our 30+ years in business. Our goal is to help you build and expand a business legacy that will stand the test of time.

Be proactive and give us a call today to schedule an appointment to discuss your business’s succession planning needs.

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